Santa Visits Alabama


Want to really know SantaGregg? Read the interview questions below posed by one reporter:

SantaGregg Sits Down For An Interview

Question 1: Are you real? Santa (pointing his finger): "Are you the real you? Of course you are. And if you are the real you, then I must be the real me."
Question 2: In the movie "Miracle on 34th Street", a big question is, do you sleep with your whiskers inside or outside the covers? SantaGregg: "Normally, outside. I found that if I sleep with them under the covers in the morning I scare myself when I look in a mirror."
Question 3: How old are you Santa? SantaGregg: "I am least in my current form. is my birthday."
Question 4: How come your wife doesn't look that old? SantaGregg: "Some things are priceless - and she refers to herself as my trophy wife."
Question 5: You put a lot of work into your job. What do you get from it? SantaGregg: "I am driven by dreams. You know, they say things are priceless, and there is a definition to that. It's what you feel in your heart. The warmth and love of a child - you cannot value it. The warmth and love of a community - that takes you beyond the stars. And if the stars are diamonds, I am, indeed a rich man !"

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